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Mason Wyler & JohnnyT

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Running time : 14:36 min

Actors : Jonny T, Mason Wyler


Mason was browsing some internet porn last weekend. He noticed that his internet connection was slowing down, so he gave a call to JonnyT, whom he knows is good with computers. When JonnyT showed up, Mason showed him how slow it was going. For Jonny, it was a surprise to see his buddy looking at porn, as he thought that if Mason wanted cock in his life, he could have his.

Fast forward 5 minutes and JonnyT's cock IS in Mason's mouth. They gave up on fixing the computer and decide that making their own porn would be that much more fun.

After getting a blowjob, JonnyT goes down on Mason, making sure not to be too greedy in their fun-having.

After a 69, Mason gets on top of Jonny and slides his humungous cock into his ass. It's huge, but Mason is able to deal with it, and thoroughly enjoys it. JonnyT then pulls out and unloads his balls all over Mason's back, bringing an end to this fun filled scene.


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