About Me

Height : 5'10"

Weight : 150

Clothing Size : W30, L32, Shirt size medium

Shoe Size : 9

Zodiac : Capricorn

Chinese Zodiac : Boar

Lucky number : 27

Favorite Food : Fried Chicken :)

Favorite Porn Actress : Kim Cattral

Favorite Porn Actor : Brent Everett

Favorite TV Show : Scrubs

Favorite Time of the Year : Winter

Favorite Sport : Wrestling

Favorite Holiday : Christmas

Favorite Colour : Purple

Favorite Music : Classical

Favorite Hobby : Model building, video games

Favorite Actress : Dame Judi Dench

Favorite Actor : Harrison Ford

Favorite Movie : Adventures of Baron


Favorite Porn Movie : both Falcon Classics

Turn On : Kindness, humor and versatility

Turn Off : Finding out the guy is not attracted to


Best Attire : A white tuxedo


My name is Mason Wyler and I am a gay sex addict. Thankfully for me, I work in the gay porn industry and have had the pleasure to do so since 2005. I'm a hedonistic guy with a nerd-centric personality. Being physically fit is very important to me and although the gym is not my second home, I do take the time to maintain a visually pleasing appearance.

When it comes to sexual activities, sucking dick is what I do best but I'd like to think I have a plethora of talents. Professionally I am most known for my accomplishments as a bottom but I am actually quite versatile. I love pounding the hole just as much as I love riding the pole. Nothing is hotter to me than a stud who can play both positions.

Yes, sex is definitely a driving force in my life but I also enjoy many other things. I am an avid gamer, mostly for the PC and PS3. I am an urban explorer, often finding myself in abandoned towns and forgotten places. I love to read, a good book is just as filling as a big cock. I love to learn, curiosity and my thirst for knowledge is my greatest strength. I was curious about doing porn and now I have a job that I love. And I strongly believe that sharing is caring and I am honored to be able to share my wild side with the world.